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It is no mere bagatelle

This story was submitted by Andrew and was added around March 2011.

"Of course, you'll know this piece so it will be easy for you."

The words of my flute teacher, when as an adult learner, I thought I was making good progress.

Playing Fuer Elise on a low resistance wind instrument like the flute, with all the piece's long notes and slow rhythm, made me realise how much further I needed to go both in terms of basic skills (breathing) and emotional growth (it's just so damn lush!) Definitely not a "mere bagatelle"...

Just now (Mar 2011), 16 years later, I was with a colleague in a taxi in San Francisco and we heard Fuer Elise on the radio. He remarked on it, loved the piece, and when I said I knew it, he was impressed.

So, for helping me to learn, and giving me the ability to teach, I thank old Ludwig for writing such an inspired piece.

(And here's to lovely Elise, whoever she was, for inspiring him!)

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