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I learned to strive and to be independent

This story was submitted by Liza Mariz and was added around April 2011.

At first, I wasn't into music. I loved music when my parents bought me a toy piano when I was 6. From that day on, I discovered that I have talent in music. Though we do not have enough money, my parents worked hard to give me a piano lesson and to buy me a real piano. In the organ that they bought, I saw on the list preset music "Fur Elise". After seeing that, I listened to it and that's it I'm in love again!

Due to lack of money to have a piano lesson, I stopped receiving lessons. No one had taught me to play. I even had a hatred feeling to my parents because I'm envy with other parents who can afford to hire someone to teach their siblings. My problem was intensified by the flash flood that ruined my organ. But, I really found that there is nothing impossible to the one in love. I worked hard to continue my passion in playing instruments. I tried to maintain my academic status where in I became a valedictorian. I saved money to buy a cheaper instrument which is a guitar. I bought it without asking my parents for some money. When I had my own guitar, The first thing I did is to search the music sheet of "Fur Elise" and I made my own tabulature. I learned to play guitar for a week. after knowing the basics, I Self studied the piece and learned it in 2 hours! I recorded my own acoustic version of Fur elise in my cellphone. From then on, I am proud of my self. I continue to strive being better in playing guitar. But amongst the pieces I play, this one is special. It has something that makes me want to press the play button on my cellphone over and over again. I think that I am addicted to it. It makes me fall in love.

Thanks to the genius who made this bagatelle. I learned to strive and to be independent. It fueled and is continuously fueling my body to achieve more.

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