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I taught myself to play Für Elise

This story was submitted by Karl Dabalos and was added around June 2011.

I am an 11 year old, who lives in the small city of Wichita Falls. I grew up around pianos, and eventually started to learn how to play the piano. So far, I've been playing for 5 years (it was 2011 by then) I first heard of Für Elise when I went to Houston with one of my friends, who have also played the piano. I fell in love with it. When we went back, I started the first few notes, but I couldn't figure out the rest. One of my dad's friends Mrs. Salustiano, also has been playing the piano. She was kind enough to give me a "beginner's" version of Für Elise. Since then, whenever my grandma had nothing to do, she would ask me to play the piece. Then, I thought, "If I could play this "beginner's" version, I should be able to play the real version," and so I did. I taught myself the Für Elise this year, and I'm on the Edge of perfecting it. So far, I got no help at all from my teacher. When I finally showed it to her at one of my piano lessons, she started crying, because she thought I would never get this far (I was struggling because my fingers are getting really shaky). And who knew, an 11 year old would be able to teach himself the Für Elise. Anyone who has heard me play this piece, loves the way I play, because I work hard at my pieces, and even though sometimes my pieces sound like Veloce e Furioso when it's supposed to be Giocoso, I manage to still make it nice. And I love other pieces by Beethoven like the Moonlight Sonata (Op.27, No.2, 1st Movement). Well, I hope I'll succeed in other pieces, and I hope the whoever reads this will be blessed enough too, to where they can play Für Elise too.

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