For Elise is a famous piano solo by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827)

Introduction to the Site

This web site is dedicated to one of the most famous solo piano compositions in the world, written by legendary composer Ludwig van Beethoven around 1810 and still surviving to serve as inspiration for thousands of people not least to take up the piano. Apart from information about Für Elise, free sheet music and a recording of the piece, you can also find some information about Beethoven as well as various recommendations of other music that might suit your taste.

How did you learn of Für Elise?

I also collect stories about people's first encounter with Für Elise, and you are very welcome to submit your own story about the first time you heard the famous tune and what happened afterwards. Perhaps your story will be featured right here on the site so everyone can read it. If you have ever taught this piece to someone, feel free to submit a story about that as well.

Free Für Elise download (MP3)

There is an exclusive free download of Für Elise played by the wonderful pianist Valentina Lisitsa available on the site. You can get it by visiting the recordings section.

Download the sheet music for free

You can get a free copy of the sheet music here on the site. Visit the sheet music section to claim yours. Recordings are also recommended and encouraged, so if you would like your playing to be heard, please share your results with the site (and the world).

The Piano: Please share it with someone else

Learning music is perhaps one of the most interesting and rewarding commitments you can make in life. The art of playing piano has been passed down for many, many generations and is hopefully a skill that will never be forgotten; because while there may well never be another Beethoven, Bach or Mozart, music remains the one thing that can speak to everyone. Whether you're just starting out, an experienced musician, a teacher that strives to share knowledge for countless hours a week, or simply one who pass on advice every now and then in a casual setting - thank you. The world is a better place with music.

But back to Für Elise. If you're not quite certain where to begin on the site, why not start out by reading about the composition? Newcomers to classical music are also encouraged to begin here, but you're of course free to choose whichever page interests you the most. It's also possible to write your comments about the site, but please keep in mind that I get quite busy and cannot promise a prompt response.