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Fur Elise has given me a new perspective on life

This story was submitted by Vicky and was added around February 2011.

I was beginning to study the piano. My uncle who happens to be a piano examiner, played the piece to me one day and told me the story behind it. Although I now know that, the history behind the piece is still flawed and no one has really got the facts right, I was just mesmerized by the piece and my uncle's performance.

I told myself one day I will master Fur Elise, so help me God!! I was told there were other more challenging pieces to master and perform, but I paid no attention. Something about the piece had clearly struck a "Chord" in my brain.

I waited and waited till my skills improved. One day at last, I was too tempted and took the sheet music from a very old music book full of piano pieces. It was tearing in many places, and I struggled to keep the book in good shape. My music teacher was apprehensive at first, suggesting that we take it up when I have attempted more advanced pieces. I was stubborn and adamant. He finally gave in. After three long weeks, I gave my first performance at school. I was cheered and praised by many and to me this was what I always wanted, to perform Fur Elise.

I realized that it is by far and without a shadow of doubt, one of the most romantic pieces of music ever written. Something in the piece struck my very close friend at school. Subsequent performances of the song with her at my side, gave into her falling in love with me. I explained the history behind the piece (even though it is still flawed), and four years later, we are in a deeply committed relationship.

Despite playing in a rock band and listening to heavier material that goes against convention, I still keep Fur Elise on my Now Playing List, and for some reason, I have NEVER forgotten how to play the piece. If I happen to be within arms reach of a piano, the first thing I play is Fur Elise, to which my friends ask me to lift my hand off the keyboard, to confirm whether I was really playing it, since I have not touched a piano in more than 8 years.

Fur Elise has given me a new perspective on life. It will never leave me. I have gained so much since then.

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