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It is never too late to take up and enjoy the piano

This story was submitted by Wendy Talbot and was added around May 2008.

One thing in my life I have always wanted to do was to learn the piano, but family circumstances wouldn't allow the expence of a piano or certainly lessons. So now at almost 50 I have started, very ordinary but really enjoying the experience. My teacher has taken me from scales and very basic music (having to learn music was a whole new challenge in itself) to starting to challenge me with harder pieces. Looking through some music sheets I came across this piece called Fur Elise, so asking him to play it for me I discovered like many others I knew this tune or at least the first part anyway. It is such a beautiful piece I was captivated, everything in my life was turned on its head as I have become obsessed with this beautiful music. I am still amazed its me playing it, (only half way through learning it) and Beethoven is probably rolling in his grave but I just cant stop now. I have been learning for only about 6 months now and am sorry I didn't start sooner I think I will be playing for the rest of my life thanks to Fur Elise for inspiring me.

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