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The piece that followed one all through school

This story was submitted by Vivs Yemenian and was added around May 2008.

It all started when I was in primary school. I had heard of Fur Elise but I never really thought it was a famous piece. When my parents seperated at the age of 10, he met another women and she came from a musical background. Anyway when I go into year 5, I wanted to do something for the Talent quest, which was at the end of the year. So she had a piano at her house and she started to teach me a few pieces. And as luck would have it, she taught me how to play Fur Elise, although I don't know how to play the whole thing. Anyway I played it for the talent quest, however, I didn't win a prize :'(. Anyway, year 8 at school now and I'm doing an assignment on it. I think it's a wonderful piece.

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