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I had bigger mountains to climb first

This story was submitted by Soum and was added around February 2012.

I remember the first time I heard Fur-Elise, around 30 years ago, I didnt even know its called Fur-elise but I did love it. I was around 10 that time and had limited resources so I had now clue how to go about finding that song. A few years, a saw a toy playing this music and it made me realize I love the feelings and sensations that this song generates in my heart. Still no clue what the song is but now I was at least able to listen to it with that toy. It was just the intro, not the whole piece.

Finally, when I grew up, I came to know that its called Fur-Elise, a masterpiece by Beethoven. I had to learn to play it now, that was a priority for me. But then I had bigger mountains to climb in my life so I made a promise to myself that I am going to be able to play at some point in my life.

Eventually, when I turned 40, I started taking piano lessons. Today, after six months of learning piano, I am at a point where I can play this whole song and I am going to perform it in June this year.

Many many thanks to my teacher to work with me on finally accomplishing my dream and making this journey so beautiful to remember!

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