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My love for the piece never dies

This story was submitted by Sam and was added around April 2012.

As a child, "Fur Elise" was one of the melodies I grew up with. I remember getting a Keyboard for my 10th Birthday and I was so excited when I could play the first theme. I used to always play it for my parents and for my sisters. I then decided that the Piano was a passion for me, a passion which I needed to pursue. My parents got me an Upright Piano, and I started taking lessons. By the time I got to about Grade 5, my teacher suggested teaching me Fur Elise. Of course, I was over the moon. Even more so when I found out the piece was a Rondo, and had two other contrasting themes which I never knew about! It just solidified my love for the piece. I'll never forget that feeling when I played all through for the first time and my teacher said I could play it really well. The sense of achievement was incredible. Now, at 18 years old, I am leaving for University this year to study Music, with Piano as my main instrument. People say "Fur Elise" is over played and one Beethoven's lesser works, but to me, it's one of the most special pieces of music ever written. As I get older, my love for the piece never dies. And I know when I'm an old man, I'll still be playing through this wonderful piece. My love of music stems from this very piece of music, and that's why Fur Elise will always hold a special place in my heart.

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