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Vicars and Tarts and Für Elise on the Cayman Islands

This story was submitted by Anne Watson-Russell and was added around January 2008.

I first heard Fur Elise one drunken night at a Vicars and Tarts party in the Cayman Islands, over thirty years ago. As I recall, I was lying under the grand piano, a victim of too much rum and dancing, when a wonderful young Englishman sat down and started to play the piece. He wanted me to love it and I did. I loved it immediately! I loved it repeatedly! Yes, the poor chap played it for me over and over again from two in the morning until sunrise. What a fabulous memento of my stay on Cayman when I was young and brilliant and drinking too much was still a lark. My only regret is that I didn't fall in love with this nice man, for what a privilege it would be to have a portable, on-demand, gifted Fur Elise pianist of my very own.

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