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The Teacher That Made Me Remember

This story was submitted by Maria Perez and was added around January 2010.

In fifth grade I had a wonderful teacher who taught our class everything about music and would make us listen to songs and play them on the recorder, one day he got on his piano and played Fur Elise and I got goosebumps, and then something just clicked. I knew the beginning of the song but I just couldn't place it. I went home and told my dad about the song and he knew where I'd heard it. He went into his drawer and pulled out a little tiny copper wind up music box and played the song, it was Fur Elise!

When he was little and living in Mexico, he got a job to help his family but tucked money away and bought the music box for grandmother. Once my grandma passed away my dad got the music box back and would play it from time to time. Now, everytime I hear Fur Elise it reminds me of mygrandma, and of my dad as a little boy.

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