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This story was submitted by Divakar Nambiath and was added around August 2007.

Hello, I am Divakar Nambiath from India. I am almost 12 years old and have been playing the digital piano ever since dad bought me one. My first digital piano was when I was about 5 years old. And when he saw that I am good at picking up tunes and playing them myself, he bought me a bigger model.

I had heard Beethoven's Fur Elise from a distance many times before, but it was the new piano that brought this masterpiece to my fingertips. It is such a flowing piece, like calm water bubbling along a clear river, with the sun shining from above. It is one of the first Western Classical pieces I learnt to play by myself. I do not have a Music Teacher and cannot read Sheet Music, but I can say this much - it is the most difficult piece that I have learnt to play so far! But still, it is so delightful to play and brings me joy!

I have recently been selected to play a short piece by Beethoven at my school, Springdales School. My choice is Beethoven's masterpiece, Fur Elise and I am practising whenever I get the time!

Thank You Beethoven for creating this masteriece and giving me many hours of joy!

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