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This story was submitted by Ashley and was added around September 2006.

I'd hate to think that a person could hear this lovely piece and NOT be moved in the slightest. As for me, this piece is one of my most moving pieces ever heard! Where to begin? Due to my love for classical/romantic period music, hearing this piece was unavoidable, but unfortunately I know not of how I came across it. What I do know was that I would find myself moved to tears of the loving, yet sorrowful melody, even as a child. When I took part in French class for High School many years later, we were to choose a French name to go by, which I of course went by Elise. Later on, I became so involved in writing that I hope to make a career out of my fantasy stories, but my great love for music is so great that my works always involve a sort of musical tone to them. I named a character Elise, in which her (former) lover Allen mourns over losing her love, and spends his time pouring the depths of his heart over the piano while playing, of course, Fur Elise. I've even tried my hand at composing lyrics for the piece for my character to sing, but then again, I feel as though I can never bring justice to the piece by throwing words into the mix. However, since I have yet to learn the piano, when I'm alone, I sometimes find myself singing my lyrics...

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