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The power outage that created new inspiration

This story was submitted by Kathy Marshall and was added around April 2008.

One very cold Saturday winter afternoon in February, all my power went out due to a bad storm. I had no electricity or heat. After reading a book for awhile, the sun started to go down. To hard to read by candlelight, I decided to pull out my electric keyboard which sat for a few years underneath my living room table collecting dust. I never learned how to play formally, just fooled around once in a while, playing songs by ear, mostly older simple Beatles tune. It also runs on batteries and lights up. I had just bought an abundance of batteries of several sizes that were on sale, so I had plenty of "c" batteries for it. My keyboard is a learning keyboard with a host of features, one being learning songs already recorded into the keyboard. I never heard Fur Elise before, not that I can remember anyway, but after going through the already recorded tunes for self learning, I picked out Fur Elise because it was a solo, I really liked it and it didn't seem to hard. I did not know at that time it was by Beethovan. I played that song over and over, piece by piece, in order to get the correct keys. I practiced for hours on that cold night by candlelight, with blankets wrapped around me, into the wee hours of the morning. My power still did not return and by Sunday morning, I again pulled out the keyboard and returned to learning Fur Elise. I was determined to get it right. Again, I played over and over on that Sunday, replacing the batteries again, getting frustrated when hitting the wrong keys, freezing in the cold with no heat. By night fall on Sunday my power still had not returned, so I was practicing again by candlelight and the light of the keyboard. During the night, by the early wee hours of Monday morning, I finally had it down pretty good and I went to sleep. My power finally returned before I awoke to go to work Monday. Still, I did pull out the keyboard once more before getting warmed up, cleaned up and ready to go into work - late of course - and played Fur Elise flawlessly. I have not forgotten it and play it for anyone who will listen, whenever I get the chance to a keyboard or piano. When I visited my Mom who lives in another state and has played the piano informally all her life, mostly by self teaching, I was excited to play it on her keyboard for her.

If my power had not gone out that weekend, I would never have pulled that keyboard out and learned that song, a "real" song, in two days by candlelight - never!

........Funny thing happened a few months after that - I was researching several banks in my Mom's area for low interest rates to get a home mortgage in order to buy a home closer to my mother, and after being put on hold with the last and final bank I was checking out, the song Fur Elise came on as their "hold music". Right then and there, I put the phone to my mother's ear and told her to listen to the song, recognizing it as the one I was so proud to have just learned to play, and said to her, "this is the bank that is going to give me the lowest rate and the one that is going to give me my mortgage". It was April 1, 2008 - April Fools Day.

As I write this it is April 10, 2008 and I am closing on my new home May 1, 2008 with that same bank!! They really did give me the best deal - no lie!

Very true story!

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