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Discovering classical music through Für Elise

This story was submitted by Anonymous Author and was added around December 2006.

A 14 year old girl who wishes to remain anonymous sent us the following story.

I do not know the first time I heard "Fur Elise", but it feels like I`ve known it all my life. It`s one of the most beautiful things ever written. And here is my story;   I started taking piano lessons when I was eight years old. We had a piano, quite good, at home. I hated practising, and going to piano lessons. I seriously thinked about stopping to take piano lessons, because I hated it so, but something inside me knew that that would be wrong - so I didn`t stop, just went on playing. It went on for five years. Then one day I decided to go out and look for something new to play. I came home with a copy of the "Fur Elise". It was the longest thing I`d ever played, four pages, but it was a lot of the same stuff to, so I started playing it. I played it, note by note, I listened to it on one of dad`s classical cd`s to hear how it was to be played properly. I listened to it for at least three hours per day, it was so beautiful. It took me about a week to play all of the "Fur Elise" on piano, and learn it by heart. From then and on I LOVE playing the piano, and it`s just about one year since I hated it. "Fur Elise" has also changed me. I used to listen to all that normal teenagers listen to, Eminem, Black eyed peas, Gwen Stefani and so on, but now I`ve got symphonies by Beethoven, concertos by Mozart, and Chopin and Haydn on my i-pod!! Of course everyone thinks I strange, but who cares?

"Fur Elise" has changed me completely, and I wish I could thank Beethoven for it, but that is impossible, that`s the sad thing. But Beethoven is the world`s BEST composer ever lived and ever will live. Thank you!!!

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