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Bits and pieces come together at last

This story was submitted by Mahesh and was added around December 2010.

I heard furelise melody when i was around 10 years old if i'm correct, even less than that, but interesting thing is that i loved this piece without knowing the history of the melody. I leant its composed by Beethovan very late but the tune had left a mark on my mind. I did not forget it. When my friends' gifted me a keyboard for my birthday, i tried playing it without knowing ABC of the music and could make it to simple version of it. Today when i discovered from my collegaue that its a Beethovan's melody. I did some research on that and my interest on it doubled and i decided to learn to play it at any cost, and with some hard work i could play fur elise today! I've listened to it whole the night, believe me! In-fact i'm writing this note listening to the same. This pleasant melody simply melts my heart...

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