Other Compositions by Ludwig van Beethoven

More Ludwig van Beethoven Music

Beethoven wrote a great deal of music throughout his life. He was a master symphonist, his 32 piano sonatas are ever influential and part of many pianists repertoire together with his piano concertos, and plenty of his other works continue to intimidate composers and impress listeners around the world. While many can't name the pieces, almost everyone knows some sort of tune by Beethoven. On this page I've recommended a small selection of pieces you might enjoy.

The Player

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Piano Solos

Beethoven embraced the piano and composed a lot of music for it. He made it a staple of his early career (until deafness prevented him) to perform, and the compositions he left behind for the instrument are a great testament to his genius. Below are some picks from his solo works.

Piano with other Instruments

Beethoven also wrote music for a wide variety of instrument combinations, hereunder naturally quite a few involving the piano. His five piano concertos are to this day a common part of concert programs around the world, and the Kreutzer violin sonata remains a staple of the repertoire.


Ludwig van Beethoven. In my humble opinion never surpassed in the genre.

Orchestral Works

Other orchestral works composed by Beethoven.